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Mogilev Branch

Branch address: Mogilev, st. Komsomolskaya, 5a.
Website: mogilev.bip-ip.by


Position name Phone
Director Bozhkov Ivan Vladimirovich 8- (0222) 77-01-80
8- (029) 185-20-06
Deputy Director for Academic and Scientific Work Matveychev Yuri Anatolyevich 8- (0222) 78-47-86
Deputy Director for ideological, educational and social work Sinelnik Natalia Vasilievna 8- (0222) 78-99-49
Deputy Director for General Issues Vlasova Lyubov Vladimirovna 8- (0222) 78-03-85
Head of educational department Ladis Natalya Nikolaevna 8- (0222) 78-01-66
Secretary Burachkova Tatyana Mikhailovna 8- (0222) 78-45-05

Over 1200 qualified specialists have graduated from School during the last ten years. Many of them got Diplomas with Honor. Experienced teaching staff provide students with profound knowledge.

The latest achievements of teaching techniques are used to train qualified specialists, great attention being paid to using modern information technologies. There are modern computer classes, foreign languages and criminology labs at School. There are many recently published course- books in the library. Modern sports center is available for students. Many of its graduates are working abroad: in the USA, Israel, Germany, France, Lithuania and other countries.



  • Jurisprudence (Lawyer);
  • International law (International lawyer);
  • Economics&business management (Manager-economist).

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