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  39, Mostovaya st.,  Grodno, office 312
  +375 (152) 71-81-47


   Candidate of legal sciences
   Misarevich N.V.
   +375 (152) 71-81-47
   39, Mostovaya st., Grodno, office 312

The Department of Special Legal Disciplines is one of the leading departments of Grodno branch. The main goal of its ideological and educational work is the formation of a comprehensively developed, mature, creative personality with an active civil and social outlook. The department staff actively motivates the engagement of students into scientific research work. Students acquire practical research skills participating in students’ scientific society «Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Civil Law». Research activity of teaching staff is carried out within the framework of the approved general research topic «Actual aspects of improvement and interaction of national and international legislation in the context of integration processes».


  • Introduction to specialty (optional)
  • Civil Process
  • Civil Law
  • Criminalistics
  • Criminology
  • International Intellectual Property Protection
  • International Transport Law
  • International Private Law
  • International Arbitration
  • Tax Law
  • Combating Customs Offenses
  • Basic of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Basics of Intellectual Property Management
  • Legal regulation of foreign economic activity
  • Legal regulation of international tourism
  • Legal regulation of insurance
  • Legal regulation of financial control
  • Practical skills in the professional activity of a lawyer (optional)
  • Practical skills in the modern activity of a lawyer (optional)
  • Natural resource law
  • Prosecutor's supervision
  • Anti-corruption activity
  • Roman private law
  • Family law
  • Contemporary aspects of Civil law and process
  • Comparative criminal law
  • Judiciary
  • Criminal law
  • Criminal process
  • Financial law
  • Commercial law
  • Commercial process
  • Environmental law
  • Legal psychology
  • Legal entities (optional)

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