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International Cooperation

International cooperation of “BIP-Institute of Law” is organized on the basis of agreements on cooperation with educational Institutions and Research & Development Centers abroad.

At  present, fruitful cooperation is maintained with:

  • University named after A. Mitskevich (Poznan, Poland);
  • University of Law (Kiev, Ukraine);
  • State Academy of Finance (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine)
  • University named after D.A. Kunaev — Karaganda University Branch (Kazahstan);
  • Institute of Enterprise and Law — Moscow University Branch (Sochi, Russia).

The main forms of International cooperation are:

  • preparation and holding international R&D conferences at the Belarusian Institute of Law;
  • participation in the international R&D conferences and  workshops;
  • supervision of undergraduates and postgraduates for participation in international R&D  conferences and contests;
  • internship of the teaching staff and undergraduates abroad;
  • advising on  programs of the International R&D funds and R&D activities.
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