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Faculty of Economics & Law

Minsk, Zamkovaya str., 33-46

(+375 17) 374-27-22; (+375 29) 185-20-16; (+375 17) 347-16-82


The Economics and Law school solves a double-sided problem of training professional economists with the background of legal knowledge, which is extremely useful for the future economists, accountants and managers. The knowledge and practical usage of the law of the Republic of Belarus makes their work more effective.

Experienced teachers provide extensive training that helps graduates to get profound theoretical knowledge in economics and succeed in professional employment upon graduation.


Specialties for which you can get an education:

  • Economic law (Legal regulation of finances and credit). Qualification: Lawyer proficient in economics.
  • Psychology. Qualification: Psychologist. Lecturer of psychology.
  • Information resources management. Qualification: Manager-economist of information resources.
  • E-marketing. Qualification: Marketing manager-programmer.

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